Tuesday, January 24, 2006

More random happenings

I'm wearing my first piece of maternity clothes, today (black dress pants, for those who are wondering...)

I tried out Rosa's Tortilla Cafe Factory or whatever it's called last night. It was good and I will definitely go back but it did not satisfy my cheese enchilada crave. I mean they were good enchiladas but not up to my standards. Still, I really enjoyed the food. And I enjoyed visiting with friends. There were many of my friends who met me there who are already moms and they shared lots of helpful advice with me concerning baby budgeting and what to buy/not to buy and register for/borrow.

Adam refused to eat our left over chicken/cheese/macaroni casserole last night while I was out at Rosa's so now I will eat it for lunch. I refuse to waste food! ;) (And, it's still good. I always play it safe with leftovers).

The other day I decided it's time to buy some new (eye) glasses. The ones I have are from 1999 and aren't as fashionable as they were when I first bought them. And, my prescription has changed slightly since then. Normally I don't care - I just wear them at night after I get ready for bed, but I figured I might want to wear them more often after the baby's born. Who wants to mess with contacts when you're sleep schedule is going to be screwed for who knows how long?

Yesterday I had an exciting interaction with a faculty member at my job who played the role of a 2 year old. Nice. I had to stop myself to say in wonder and disbelief - "did you really just say that??" Also, I had a new student worker who completely didn't show up for his shift. I gave him a whole day to contact me and tell me how he was in this awful car accident and his phone was crushed so he couldn't call, etc etc, but no word from him. One more strike and he's out. I'm sorry folks but this is a real job. You don't just not show up and not call and get away with it.

Some of you know that Adam and I live in the North Pole over at 4201 Sanger. (At least, that's what it is in the winter. In the summer, it's the Sahara Desert). Anyway, after keeping our heat at 68 degrees (which should be sufficient, but not at our house!) and still receiving a $200 gas bill, we decided it was time to buy a portable heater. So we bought a nice one at Lowes - the only one that looked child-safe to us (all the rest get too hot for a kid to touch after it's been on awhile but this one doesn't). Anyway this one has a thermostat and a remote and you can even use a timer on it. We have used it in our bedroom at night and in the living room in the evenings and it makes SUCH a difference! I don't have to go to bed wearing sweats and 2 pairs of socks and mittens! Wow, we should have bought this a long time ago. Our only hope now is that whatever we might save with lower gas bills doesn't balance out with higher electric bills for running this electric heater for hours on end ;)
(Side note: I'm sure the above paragraph was fascinating to read. I just couldn't resist sharing. After knowing that there was nowhere in my daily life where I could warm - cold in my office at work, cold outside, freezing at home - feeling some warmth in our home is very exciting to me!)

I'm going to go visit my grandmother today in the nursing home she's at here in Waco. I try to go about once a week to see her. After all, she must get pretty lonely and bored and it's the least I can do. She only lives a few minutes from my house. She's doing well and is much more mentally alert and seems more herself than she did several months ago. But, still, I don't look forward to going. I don't enjoy the nursing home environment, and I don't like seeing her "reduced" to this. It is just sad. And it makes me miss my grandfather (speaking of which, the other night my family watched some home movies from when I was a baby and there was a shot of my grandfather holding me... very sweet). But anyway, still I make myself go to see her. And you know what, I'm almost always glad that I did. In fact I think I am always glad that I went, after I go. She enjoys seeing me and we have a good visit. It is a good thing. So, even though I usually don't want to go, I'm glad I do.

That's it for now.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Nothing's coming to me!

I've been wanting to post again for awhile now, but absolutely nothing is coming to me! I keep thinking I'll come up with this wonderful post, but no...

Wanna see more random pictures? :)

This is the house I grew up in. I really miss it.

Friends in Chicago :)

Random nitrogen tank in the streets of downton Kansas City...

Gazebo outside my dorm at UMHB where I spent alot of time...

Rishi and Amanda playing a silly game at their baby shower a few years ago (hope they don't mind me posting this!) If I remember right, I think the object was for them to get as many cotton balls from the glass jars to the bowls next to them using a spoon - but they had to do it blindfolded. And since cottonballs dont weigh anything, it was a little difficult to tell if they had any on the spoon!

Really cute picture of Halle & Chloe a few years ago...

Our living/dining room with no furniture in it... (this was after we painted it and had the wood floor redone)

A Quaker meeting house in Philadelphia. As Adam and I were walking toward it, the doors were open with a sign that said "Open - visitors welcome." Then right as we turned in to go down the sidewalk to the front door, someone came out, removed the sign, and shut the door. The timing was almost as if they saw us coming, and then shut the door on us. I didn't feel so welcome!

I have no idea whose cat this is, or even where I got this picture. But I think it's funny!

Ok, it won't let me post any more pictures, so I guess I'll stop. Sorry for the lack of anything interesting to say lately...